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Have you longed to learn more about open source software and help build your computer science experience? Great! You've stumbled upon the home of the Open Source University Meetup at the University of Iowa. We are a student group at the University of Iowa, dedicated to promoting the advancement, implementation, development, and awareness of Open Source software at the University of Iowa. We focus around open source projects such as OpenSolaris, the Java programming language, Ruby on Rails and Sun's Virtual Box, among numerous others.

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Vice-President Michael VitaleVice President
Michael Vitale
President Ryan L. KopfPresident
Ryan L. Kopf
Treasurer Sachet ChitrakarTreasurer
Sachet Chitrakar
Secretary Ashlee WilsonSecretary
Ashlee Wilson
Minister Derek HenscheidMinister
Derek Henscheid
Procurement Travers BudaProcurement
Travers Buda
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