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By Ryan Kopf - August 25, 2009
6:00pm, 3 MacLean Hall
(September 9, 2009)

The Open Source University Meetup would like to invite you to come to the first meeting of 'OSUM' at the University of Iowa. OSUM works to promote open source and free software, while helping members learn more about technology and open source.

Open source software is free software that permits you to use, change, and improve the software, and to redistribute it with far fewer restrictions than other software.
By Ryan L. Kopf - April 15, 2009
Our April 15th OSUM meeting helped our officers plan future OSUM meetings and understand how we can be a better organization. As a group we talked about how to improve open-source use on our campus, and most importantly how to make our meetings appeal to everyone.
  • Introductions
  • Goals Recap
    • Spread Open Source software around campus as much as possible
    • 20 more members per semester
    • Spread the word on open source software and what it means
  • Discussed the availability of free Java tutorials
    • cheaper Java certifications
  • Officer Reports
    • President --> discussed with officers to make sure everyone knew exactly what they should be doing.
    • Procurement --> getting a used computer with group funds
    • Secretary --> continue taking notes and minutes of the meeting
    • Treasurer --> Keep track of funds of group
    • Other officers --> working on continuing to building the group
  • Main Discussion
    • Dicussed possibility of having a speaker come in --> decided May 6th, last meeting of semester
    • Ways to improve OSUM
    • Building a bigger base (recruiting members who don't necessarily have a programming background)
    • Dividing meetings up into several sections: Officers, non-programmers, and programmers
    • Creative ideas into meetings; showing cool and interesting ways to use open source software
By Ryan Kopf - March 13, 2009
The most recent meeting of our OSUM was held on March 11th, 2009, focusing on a demonstration of Ruby on Rails using the Netbeans IDE. Discussion included the election of a few new officers of the organization, and more. Full minutes will be posted when the become available.

Our next meeting will be held on March 25th, 2009 at 5pm in 30SH.

Attendance: Ryan L. Kopf, Michael Vitale, Sachet Chitrakar, Ashlee Wilson, Derek Henscheid, Nikki Dudley, Ben Pratt, Elsie Carroll,
  • We went over what the group is about and what the group has done thus far.
  • New members learned about free java training and about open source software in general.
  • Group officers went over what they are doing.
  • Membership numbers have grown, and the group has received some money from the UISG.
  • New members introduced themselves and discussed their knowledge of computer programming and open source software.
  • Then there was a discussion on different topics people would like to see from the group, and it was decided on the topic of the Linux operating system for the next meeting.
  • Then we had a demo by the group's president, discussing Ruby on Rails and MySQL, both open source software.
    • Showed how Ruby on Rails can be used to create websites.
    • Then we discussed questions and the meeting was adjourned.
By Ryan Kopf - February 15, 2009
We held our third OSUM meeting of the year on February 14th, 2009. Unfortunately, due to the combination of new snow, a drastic drop in temperature, and the holiday, attendance was not very high.


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